Welcome to our online showroom for Provia vinyl windows. All windows are priced for material and installation by our 'in-house" employees. Windows are custom made Provia Endure white, vinyl windows with half screens. The prices you see are for windows under 101 united inches. You must order a minimum three windows.

We have many options available that are not listed. Visit https://www.provia.com/windows/gallery/ to see all the possibilities. Please contact us for a quote to add grids, blinds and painted exteriors.

How do you calculate united inches?

United Inches involve the two lengths of a standard window, the height, and width. You will start by measuring the height of the window in inches, followed by the width of that window in inches also. Once you have these two measurements, you will then add the width to the height to arrive at the United Inches as simply shown below;

Width (W) + Height (I) =United Inches (UI)

Let's say you arrive at a width of 40 inches and a height of 40 inches. Your UI will be;

40+40= 80 UI

That's it.

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We are a local remodeling company that's been servicing the Columbus, OH area for over 35 years.  We are now able to offer you pricing online for your window needs. 

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We are proud to be able to offer you custom Provia vinyl windows.  We are excited to be able to sell them online so you don't have the stress of scheduling an in-home appointment.


We are located on the East side of Columbus, OH.  We are only able to offer installation services within our service area.  We do not ship or deliver materials.


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